Bachué: The Butterfly

Corrina Hewat

Bachué: The Butterfly

  • Release date: 2004-01
  • Label: Big Bash Records
  • Catalog #: BBRCD015


Corrina Hewat, Scottish harp, vocals;
David Milligan, piano

Donald Hay, drums;
Colin Steele, trumpet [1, 6, 8-10]


  1. Rencontre (4.45)
  2. Light of the Moon (5.12)
  3. Eilidh Shaw’s Trip in Germany / The Balnain Reel (5.21)
  4. Khazie / Trip to London / Cleveland Park (4.15)
  5. Orphan’s Wedding (5.04)
  6. The Baker Woman (5.05)
  7. Not Only But Oslo / Taking the Tent Down (6.04)
  8. Mirk, Mirk Is the Midnight Hour (5.57)
  9. Gin Ye Kiss My Wife, I’ll Tell the Minister / Ted’s Rant (6.54)
  10. Rumble Thy Bellyful (4.16)
  11. In My Prime (5.46 )
Track 1 Myrdhin;
Tracks 2, 3b, 6, 9b Corrina Hewat;
Track 3a Ian Lowthian;
Track 4a John McCusker;
Tracks 4b, 9a, 11 trad.;
Track 4c Ivan Drever;
Track 5 Andy M. Stewart;
Track 7a David Milligan;
Track 7b Julian Sutton;
Track 8 words Robert Burns, music trad.;
Track 10 Liz Knowles

Recorded by Ben Ivitsky at the Bamboo Hut, Heriot, Scotland;
Additional recording by Dave Gray at The Sound Café, Ninemileburn, Penicuik, Scotland;
Mixed and mastered by Dave Gray and Bachué at The Sound Café;
Produced by Corrina Hewat and David Milligan;
Design and layout by Corrina Hewat and David Milligan